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Keep It Simple - SimpliSafe


I have looked at ADT and a big commitment over a 36-month period, a monitoring contract, is somewhat of a drawback for a lot of homeowners. I'm thinking there must be some other less expensive solution to home security.  I'm a radio talk show junkie, and recently almost all the talk show hosts that I'm listening to are promoting SimpliSafe. Here I go - doing a SimpliSafe home security review. This should be fun since I have only been exposed to my own hardwired security system, and this one is wireless.


SimpliSafe Facts

The SimpliSafe headquarters is in Boston, MA,  and was founded in 2006.

SimpliSafe Complaints From BBBI found that the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a great resource to check how a business is rated based on complaints and how responsive they are. SimpliSafe has only a few complaints and an A+ rating. Since March 2013, there were 24 'Total Closed Complaints'. 67% of the complaints were Problems with Product/Service, and 17% were Billing/Collection Issues.




Some nice features
  • no landline needed

I have a landline that's being used by ADT in case my home alarm goes off. At least in my case with ADT technology, there is another downside to it and my wife, in particular, doesn't like it: When she is on the phone and I arm the alarm, the line goes dead for a few minutes, basically disconnecting her phone call. That's when her alarm goes off!

 Lots of people don't even have a landline anymore because they use their cell phone as their main communications device. If you decide to have the system monitored by SimpliSafe, they do it using the base station which has a built-in mini cell phone.

In addition, burglars could just cut the phone line before they break-in, and there goes your protection.

  • smash proof protectionSmash proof protection

In most alarm systems the brain is in the control panel, sometimes called 'The Keypad'. Not with SimpliSafe. The Base Station sends a signal to the monitoring center if an entry point is breached. So if your home is burglarized and the intruder smashes the keypad, a signal was already sent by the Base Unit giving you peace of mind and protection.

  • easy DIY installation

Check out the link to the video at the bottom of this page.

  • no annual monitoring contracts

For me, that is a great bargain. Who likes a 36-month monitoring contract? With SimpliSafe, it is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. There are no termination fees and you can re-activate it if you decide to. You are in control of the monitoring!

  • Wireless sensors with extreme range

The sensors have a range of 400 ft. That's the length of a football field including the end zone (football fans know what I'm talking about).

While talking about sensors, in case you have a real big home with plenty of windows and doors, the SimpliSafe systems support up to 41 sensors.

  • Portable

If you ever move to another home, you can take the system with you. Just collect the SimpliSafe equipment and re-install them in your new home.

  • Power outage protectionpower outage protection

The system comes with lithium batteries that last 5 years. If there is a power outage, those batteries will take over, and when power is restored the batteries are recharged.

  • 60-day money back guarantee

Happens all the time with people: I don't like it! With SimpliSafe, call them within 60-days and you'll get a full refund, including the return shipping cost.

  • Three-year product warranty

It keeps getting better! In case something goes wrong with any of the parts during the first three years, they will replace it completely free of charge.

 The SimpliSafe Packages

SimpliSafe Home SecurityAll packages have the following basic equipment:

  • 1 Base Station
  • 1 Wireless Keypad
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Entry Sensor
  • 1 Free Keychain remote
  • includes Yard Sign, security decals, batteries, and adhesive strips
Economy                    View this item
  • basic equipment


  • 2 entry sensors
  • $259.95 - Currently on special for $199.99 - use coupon code BIGDEAL

SimpliSafe Smoke Detector

  • basic equipment



  • basic equipment


  • 1 motion sensor
  • 5 entry sensors
  • 1 extra siren 105db
  • 1 Keychain remote
  • $449.87


  • basic equipment


  • 1 motion sensor
  • 3 entry sensors
  • 1 panic button
  • 1 extra siren 105db
  • 1 Keychain remote
  • 1 water sensor
  • 1 CO detector
  • 1 freeze detector
  • $589.35


Cost for additional equipment if you need more

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor
SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

If I would want to cover my current entry points, I need to have 10 entry sensors. Well, then I need to buy a few more sensors depending on the package I would like to buy, and here are the costs for equipment:

  • entry sensor $14.99
  • motion sensor $29.99



The Monitoring

If you select to have the monitoring done by SimpliSafe, there is no commitment to a long-term contract. It is on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time.

I called SimpliSafe because I was not sure about the monitoring features. Got some good answers and want to make sure you get a good understanding of it.

No monitoring

The alarm will only function as a local alarm, which means the siren is going to go off and that's it. There is no sending a signal or calling your cell phone.

Standard - $14.99/month
  • 24/7 Live alarm monitoring
  • cellular connection

With their “Standard” plan, you will have basic 24/7 monitoring on their system. You will receive phone calls from their monitoring company to the primary contact numbers listed on your account when an alarm is triggered. If they are able to reach you and have you verify your Safeword, you can choose to cancel the dispatch for an alarm. If they are not able to reach you on your primary number(s), police will be dispatched, and your secondary contacts (if you have any listed) will be notified.

Interactive - $24.99/month
  • 24/7 Live alarm monitoring
  • cellular connection
  • SMS/Email Alerts
  • Remote Controls
  • Secret Alerts

Interactive SimpliSafe Monitoring The “Interactive” plan allows you the freedom to remotely arm and disarm your system directly through your SimpliSafe account or by using the SimpliSafe app. If you're using an Android phone, this app can be downloaded from the Google Play store, and if you're using an iPhone, it can be downloaded from the App Store.

With this plan, you will also be able to remotely change the settings on your system through your online account at SimpliSafe without needing to use the Keychain Remote. Finally, their Interactive plan also allows you to receive text and/or email alerts for various events with your system, including the option for "Secret Alerts." Secret Alert is a setting where you can receive an email or text for a tripped sensor rather than it triggering an alarm.



Click this link to watch a video demonstrating a SimpliSafe 5-minute installation


In Summary

I really like those features that SimpliSafe offers from a 60-day money-back guarantee to easy installation. But the best savings is in the monitoring! How can you beat $14.99/month without a long-term commitment?

Let me just give you an example of savings in my particular case. If I would decide to get a SimpliSafe alarm system, I'd go with the Economy package. As I mentioned throughout, I need 10 entry sensors and would want to get something similar to what I have now, pretty basic actually.

SimpliSafe Break-evenTherefore, the Economy package makes good sense to me. According to my SimpliSafe Home Security Review, this package comes with 3 entry sensors (1 sensor that comes with every package plus 2 additional ones). That leaves me with the purchase of 7 additional sensors totaling $104.93 ($14.99 x 7). Since the Economy package is now on special for $199.99, I would have an alarm system equal to what I have for $304.92.

When do I break-even? Currently, I pay $55.54/month for my ADT monitoring. If I cancel the ADT monitoring and wait six months to activate the SimpliSafe monitoring service, I would already break-even, meaning that my initial investment already paid-off. After that, I'd be saving a whopping $40.00/month for monitoring. All in all, a great bargain!


What Is Next?

Now that I completed the SimpliSafe and a couple of ADT Alarm System Reviews, it is time to look at yet another security systems. Frontpoint is a very competitive security system that I would like to review next.  Let's find out how Frontpoint competes with other security systems.

Maybe you want to find out some basic working principles of alarm systems, read my article Alarm Systems for The Home - How do they work?

Interested in ADT systems, check out ADT Home Security System Review - Upgrade from Basic as well as ADT Alarm System Reviews - New Customers.

Thanks for visiting this web page, and hopefully my review will help you in your decision process. Leave a comment to help me and others, and come back to see the next review and other goodies. Thanks


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  1. Thank you for this article. It was most helpful. I was looking for an unbiased review of SimpliSafe. I have a system now that costs $49/mo just like you. Originally I needed a LAN line but they’ve gone cellular so that’s not a factor. Anyway, this has been helpful!!

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