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This may be the best child locator device

How to find a missing child.

best child locator device
Children wander away

Did you ever get into a situation when your heartbeat doubled? I’m not talking about falling in love with somebody. No, this is serious when you realize that you lost your child. This may happen in parks, malls, public pools, zoos, airports, and there are many more places where this may happen. There is a great child locator device on the market from Brickhouse Security that will help you not only to find your child quickly but also warn you when the child wanders off.

It has a transmitter that you, the parent carry, and a receiver that can be attached to your child’s clothing, shoes, backpack, etc. This device has two functions: The first one is an instant alert when your child is 30 feet away from  you, and the second one gives you the opportunity to sound a loud alarm on the receiver that is attached to your child.

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Remember the child in the gorilla pit?

Gorilla pit
You don’t want your child end up in a gorilla pit

Just recently a four-year-old child got away from the parents and wound up in a gorilla pit in a zoo. Fortunately, it turned out that the child was not seriously injured. just minor injuries but the gorilla needed to be shot for the safety of the child.  If the parents had this child locator device, this probably could have been prevented.







Photo credit: Wondermonkey2k via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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