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What is an electronic lock? How good are they?

Dead-lockElectronic entry door lock – Pros and Cons

As with many items in home security, locks are also going electronic. So, back to the question: Before answering the question: What is an electronic lock? Let’s back up a little and review locking mechanism. Most homes have a so-called dead-bolt lock. That is a locking mechanism which extends a one-inch bolt either into the frame of the door or into the second door when you use a french door. Extending and retracting of the bolt is accomplished with the turn of a key.


Answer the question!

800px-Gateman-sb740So, then what is an electronic lock? Basically, it’s a deadlock that is extended or retracted by using some sort of electronic signal. That signal can come from a keypad, a key-fob, or a smartphone. They keypad obviously works by punching in a secret code, like when you arm or disarm your alarm system. We all have used a key-fob, which is basically a remote control device that you probably use when you drive into or out of your garage and disarm or arm the alarm system. Smartphones can be used for almost everything nowadays, and certainly can be used to operate an electronic lock.



How good are they?

When it comes to locks, it has to be safe to be considered good. Does the electronic in the lock make a difference in measuring how ‘good’ a lock is? Actually, it does not. The action is still the same, bolt in – bolt out, just without a key. It’s really the makeup of the lock itself which makes the difference.


Why have an electronic lock?

Fingerprint electronic lock

There is certainly a convenience factor which attracts potential buyers.  Also, the looks of some electronic locks are eye-catching. Touchpads or keypads with colorful backgrounds look very nice, mysterious,  and will get the attention of your visitors. Touchpad background colors like metallic blue, green, and red are commonly used in electronic locks. Check out some of the vivid colors used for fingerprint electronic locks. Switching to a keyless home would be another motivating factor. And you know what, it may look cool to some potential buyer if you ever plan to sell your house.



What is the downside?

  • Some locks are connected to the electricity of your house. Therefore, when you lose power, that electronic lock is disabled.Brain or key
  • Other locks have batteries, so you have to make sure to change the batteries at a frequency before they are empty. Probably a good idea to add the change of those batteries when you change your smoke detector batteries every six months.
  • You may not need to worry anymore about looking for your house key or losing it, but now you better remember the combination of the keypad.
  • Possible faults in the lock’s electronic board may render the lock useless.


‘Top Notch’ Electronic Locks and Dead Bolts with a key

I am not a mechanic or door knob hacker, nor do I have the tools to pick a lock or disable it to find out the ‘top notch’ products in the world of locks. But I took the time to look through reviews and give you the best in the two categories.

The best Electronic Lock is:

Schlage Sense BE479                 View this item

  • Most resistant to forced entry and lock-picking
  • Built -in siren
  • Mobile App
  • Stores up to 30 codes
  • Sends alerts when tempered with
  • Received highest rating of Grade 1


The best Dead Bolt lock with a key is:

Kwikset 980 Single Cylinder      View this item

  • Received highest rating of Grade 1
  • Re-key technology


Both Items are available through Amazon. You can also view both items through my Amazon Store at the bottom of the page with some other locks.

Brickhouse has a great selection of deadbolts and locks too.

Licensed Security Experts For Home and Business.


In Summary

Now you know what an electronic lock is as well as the pros and cons. If you are not the tech-savvy person, you may be better off to get a deadbolt with a key. And remember, electronic locks may not be better than regular deadbolts when it comes to securing the door.

If you want to check for some burglary deterrents, check out my blog ‘How To Improve My Home Security – Burglary Deterrents’



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2 thoughts on “What is an electronic lock? How good are they?

  1. You made a good point about why I should install an electronic lock. Having access to my home without having to carry around keys seems like a really appealing idea. There have been several times when I lost my keys, so this could be a good alternative. Thanks for the information!

    1. You are welcome. I certainly agree about the lost keys, happens to all of us. If you get an electronic lock, just make sure to remember the code to open the electronic lock.

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