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Home Camera Surveillance Systems – Why Do I Need One?

Smile, you are on camera!

Smile you are on cameraI often wonder why I would invest in a home security surveillance system. In my article about ‘Home Burglary Deterrents‘, I am listing and explaining many preventative measures to make your home unattractive to break-ins. If all that fails and a bad guy actually wants to defy the odds, we have another security measure to throw at them, a home camera surveillance system. If the burglar does not see the camera or believes it’s his/her lucky day, we got them now as the main actor in the video that’s rolling.

In many cases, thieves just keep doing what they do best, steal from people, and most run out of luck at some point in time and get caught. By having a surveillance system, we help law enforcement to catch the criminals. Not only do we help the police, in addition, if the burglar can be identified in the video, the chances of recovering the stolen goods are pretty high. I have seen numbers around 45%.


What can the video surveillance system be used for?

Keep an eye on the ones you love.
baby-228428_1280If it’s for checking on your baby who is still sleeping or an elderly family member that lives with you, cameras are a great asset.

When you are not at home, you can check if the babysitter is doing his/her job properly. Do you have kids that come home from school before you get home? Check if they arrive on time by using your indoor camera.

I recall being a kid playing around the house all the time and occasionally my mom comes outside checking on me and my friends. Parents now can use the same surveillance camera that catches criminals to observe their children playing outside.


Keep an eye on other things.
cctv-1144371_1280Another usage of a camera is to check who is at the door. A neighbor’s kid who wants to have the ball back that landed in our backyard, a sales person, a family member, or a burglar? You can check on that from the convenience of your chair.

Maybe you have a contractor working on your house. May it be painting, cleaning the pool, doing some landscaping, building a fence, etc., a watchful ‘eye’ is always a good thing to assure you get the proper service.


How do I see what’s going on?

Monitoring is available in all shapes and forms: dedicated VCR system, computer monitor, laptop, tablets, and even on a cell phone.

Within the next few days, I will write another article to help you select one of several home camera surveillance systems that best fits your needs.

In the meantime, please take a look below at some of the choices you will have in selecting a system. Thanks for reading and come back soon.


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