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How To Improve My Home Security – Home Burglary Deterrents

Basic Home Security Tips

Improve My Home SecurityWhen we think about a secure home, the first thing that comes to mind is a security system.  Not so fast! You wouldn’t believe how many things you can do to prevent a burglary from happening without even thinking about purchasing a home security system.

I came up with a list of measures that can be done to convince a burglar that your home is difficult to break in. Not that I’m a burglar, but I tried to put myself into the shoes of one and came up with some ideas how to improve my home security.

These home burglary deterrents are supposed to make the bad guy walk away and find an easier target to break in. One can use common sense security measures and ‘scare tactics’. Yes indeed, scare the bad guys away!


Leave on your lights



If thieves are looking for a house to break in, do you think they are going to attempt the break-in to a house where the light are on of off? So make sure that some insight lights, as well as outside lights, are turned on when you are home or away from the house.



Clear areaPlants and shrubs

Make sure that the area around the windows is not covered with shrubs, plants, or bushes. They would be a good cover for an intruder.




Saint BernardDogs

One of the greatest deterrents of break-ins is dogs. I have three lovely Chihuahua’s, and when somebody is at the door, the shrill barking is even getting on my nerves.

It is interesting how they can actually detect when somebody is approaching the house. Many times they start barking a minute before somebody is actually at the door.

Now imagine having a big dog in the house like a Saint Bernard. That will scare anybody away.


Beware of dogIf you don’t like dogs or you are allergic to them, fake that you have one. Put some ‘Beware of dog’ signs at the gates to the backyard. You can also put a big dog dish in the yard. If somebody comes through the backyard and sees that big dog dish, guess what they are looking for first?



If you have a garage with windows, do something to prevent somebody from looking inside the garage to see if the car is there. Use some cover that gives a frosted glass effect, or use some curtains. If the car isn’t there, guess what, you probably not there either.

Backyard gate


Backyard entrance

There are some very simple gates that are easy to jump if a burglar likes to exercise, but usually, that’s not even necessary because they can be opened very easily.

The entrance to the backyard should have some gates that cannot be easily opened and/or jumped over.

My gates look nice, somewhat decorative and they match the color of the house. They have a latch inside in addition to a locking bolt that can be secured with a lock.



More about lights

Fake TVI really like this one. Did you ever look at a house or a room from the outside and the colors and brightness in the room or house change constantly? That’s a pretty good sign that there is a TV and somebody is watching it. Image you would have a device that can simulate that. Check out this Fake TV! Get 20% off the Fake TV Anti-Burglary Device! Use code FTV20 through 2/8, only at!


Entry doorDead bolt

This is the favorite entry point to your house, not only for you but also for the burglar. There is a high percentage of break-ins through the front door, and believe it or not, because it’s not locked. Let’s look how we can make it a safe entry point:

  • lock the door at all times
  • use a deadbolt, which should be at least 1 ” as shown in the photo to the right
  • have a peephole to see who is at the door
  • utilize an inside security chain
  • when purchasing a door for the main entrance, make sure it is solid


There are plenty of measures you can take to re-enforce your entry door.
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Other things to consider

  • Don’t hide the key under the door mat or in the planter next to the door.
  • Security system signif you cannot afford a home security system, you can fake that you have one. Just buy some security signs and decals and set them up. Burglars don’t gamble to find out if that sign is for real.
  • Turn your lights off and on using a timer. That’s a very simple device that can be plugged into an outlet and you can connect a lamp to it. This timer is an Intermatic TN111K 15-Amp Lamp and Appliance Timer like shown below and is very inexpensive.







I hope you enjoyed this little run-down of some security measures that I came up with when I asked myself: How to improve my home security?

If you are interested in DIY Security, read my post How To DIY Security Systems.

Want to go ‘All The Way’ and purchase a security system? See my reviews about ADT and SimpliSafe.

Thanks for checking in and I hope to see you back soon.


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