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ADT Security Sign – Crime Prevention at Work

Crime Prevention at Work – Set Up Your Security Sign and Decal

How to install an ADT security signIt finally warmed up a little in El Paso, so I could set up the free ADT security sign that I received last week. The ground was still somewhat frozen, but I used an old trick how to get a stick into the frozen ground.

Every year when I put up my Christmas figurines in the front yard I put a stick in the ground and the figurine over it so it would not fall over as we do have a bunch of wind in El Paso. I usually use 3/4″ PVC pipe for that support and pounding that into the ground does not do much. So I use my electrical drill with 7/8″ drill bit to get a nice hole in the ground and put in that PVC pipe.

ADT Security Sign - Crime Prevention at WorkUsing that 7/8″ drill, I had that hole in the ground in no time. Once that was accomplished, I was able to easily tap the new ADT Security sign into the ground with a hammer.




ADT decal at windowOnly thing left to do, stick the ADT decal to the window from the outside. Just one slight problem to solve and that was to get the screen of the window from the outside. I was too lazy to go inside, move the sofa that’s right at the window in my family room,  open the window and remove the screen from the inside. I put the ADT decal next to permit from the city.


That’s all there is to it, adding a little ‘Crime Prevention at Work”. I hope you like my old trick about the hole in the ground. I know, it’s not rocket science but I’m happy to share the idea.

I’ll be happy to share any comments you leave below and thanks for checking in.

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