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ADT Signs And Stickers – Free Replacement

ADT Security Yard Sign – Get Some New Ones

ADT Signs And StickersHi, if you followed my last post on my ‘frozen’ ADT Security Yard Sign, maybe you were wondering about the progress on the replacement. I did call ADT at 800-871-5523 and was told to go to where I can order a new sign.

After getting to the website, I had to log in to my account. Since I did not open an account before, I went to register. I was asked for my phone number and it was determined that I am a customer already, but needed to register anyway. After the registration, it took me to a screen where I actually was able to select ‘Order Yard Signs’. To my surprise, the cost is $0.00. In addition, they also offer decals at no cost.  Decals come in a set of 4. Worth mentioning is that ADT customers can get two signs per year as well as two sets of decals (see for details in the snapshot).

There was no indication of any shipping cost either. I’m eagerly waiting to receive the sign and the decals so the bad guys know that the house is protected.

ADT Sign and Stickers
ADT Sign and Stickers

If you can’t get a free sign, view this ADT or similar sign at Amazon.


you may be able to find an ADT sign at eBay


Have a Happy New Year and leave a comment if have some more input on ADT Signs and Stickers.

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